Time to choose your prints and images for your album!

Depending on your package, you may have selected to have prints, an album, or both!  Now is the difficult part - choosing which images you'd like to receive!!!


Many people don't like filling in forms, while some love Excel spreadsheets!  Following client feedback, most people find it easier to download the images they like, and let us know the file number via email (or the contact box on this page).  Alternatively, we can activate the file number on screen and you can write them down,  -  whichever way you do it, it's entirely up to you!  All we need is the file names of the photographs you'd like printed and / or receive in your album. 


Your filename will be something like: AWP_290522_2697.jpg. All we need is the last section of the filename, (4 digits) - e.g. 2697.  If you have any problems or questions - just get in touch!


Printed photographs: please choose 40 6x9 and 10 12x8 images.

For Albums, please choose 50 images.  We will then design your album, and send you the design prior to printing.

You will then receive your photographic prints, albums and USB!

If you have any questions along the way, please get in touch!